Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA) is a crucial element of the Civic Integration Examination. At Pace, we offer the opportunity to properly prepare yourself for this part of the exam by attending a hands-on course on the Dutch labour market. The exam item is obligatory for migrants who became compulsory integration participants (verplichte inburgeraars) in the Netherlands after 1 January 2015. For all rules and regulations concerning compulsory integration, please visit the DUO website. With ONA being a crucial part of the exam, we strongly advise preparing well, which is why Pace offers the opportunity to prepare properly by taking a course on the subject in addition to the general Dutch language course.


Working and finding work on the Dutch labour market

The course ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ is about working and finding work in the Netherlands. The course is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Working in the Netherlands: You receive information about the Dutch labour market and you explore which jobs suit you.
  • Applying for a job: You create your resume (CV), you practise writing cover letters, you learn about job interviews and how to successfully land a job.
  • Completing the result cards: A result card is a form with questions and exercises about working and finding work in the Netherlands. To take the exam you need to complete eight of these result cards. The teacher assists you in compiling a personal portfolio. Once complete, these cards need to be sent to DUO. After they have approved your cards, DUO will invite you for a meeting.
  • Preparing for the meeting at DUO (optional): You’ll have a meeting at DUO to discuss your personal result cards. During the course, you prepare for this meeting. When the conversation is satisfactory, you have passed the ‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ exam item.


Practical information on the ONA course

‘Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market’ courses start several times a year. Pace offers a course of 64 hours.  Classes are held during daytime and in the evening. For current start dates, please visit this page.

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