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Civic Integration

Compulsory or voluntarily integration? Pace makes learning Dutch enjoyable and simple

Government Examinations

Focusing on Government Examinations NT2, programme I and II

Tailor-made courses

Are you a non-native speaker, do you wish to improve your Dutch language skills for work, study, or private life?

Flexible and tailor-made

Pace Language Institute distinguishes themselves and their high-quality language courses from competitors through personal guidance and a hands-on approach, their methods lead to excellent results and very satisfied clients. Apart from a plethora of Dutch language courses, Pace offers exam training sessions and support for people integrating. Integrating people have always been a very important target group for Pace, but they’re definitely not the only one! Myriad companies and municipal authorities work or have worked with Pace to present the public with Pace’s excellent, tailor-made language courses. Aside from Dutch language courses, Pace also offers courses in countless foreign languages, such as English courses and Spanish courses.

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Easily accessible by public transport (Amstelveenseweg/Muiderpoortstation and different bus and tram stops)


Private and group lessons, in-company training programs if desired and courses start at any time, depending on participants’ wishes


Over 30 years of experience with language courses & certified teachers


Open all year, Monday to Friday, daytime and evening, well-equipped classrooms & an open study centre

The stories of...



‘Yes, you can.’ That’s my motto. I want to give them more than just language. I want to give them a future.


My dreams are simple:
Learn Dutch. Have a family. And be myself.
Who could ask for more? “