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CourseLevelStart daysCourse dateTimeGroup
Civic IntegrationA0 – A111 April 2024Monday, Wednesday and Thursday13:15 – 16:15hr02
Civic IntegrationA1 – A206 March 2024Monday, Wednesday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr05
Civic IntegrationA1 – A212 March 2024Monday, Tuesday and Thursday13:15 – 16:15hr07
Civic IntegrationA1 – A217 April 2024Monday, Wednesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr21
Civic IntegrationKNM05 March 2024Tuesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr13
Civic IntegrationKNM16 April 2024Tuesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr17
Civic IntegrationONA11 March 2024Monday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr43
Civic IntegrationONA06 May 2024Monday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr41
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B107 March 2024Tuesday, Thursday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr15
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B113 March 2024Monday, Wednesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr16
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B115 April 2024Monday, Wednesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr20
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B107 May 2024Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr11
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B103 September 2024Tuesday and Thursday18:30 – 21:30hr32
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B102 April 2024Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday13:30 – 16:30hr23
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B111 April 2024Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr25
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B116 April 2024Tuesday, Thursday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr26
Government Examination NT2-IIB1 – B215 April 2024Monday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr18
Government Examination NT2-IIB1 – B202 April 2024Tuesday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr12
Examtraining Civic IntegrationA2every weekflexible13:15 – 15:15hr
Examtraining Government Examination NT2-IB115 April 2024Monday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr40
CourseLevelStart daysCourse dateTimeGroup
Civic IntegrationA0 – A125 March 2024Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr35
Civic IntegrationA1 – A225 March 2024Monday, Thursday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr39
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B115 February 2024Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr34
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B120 May 2024Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr34
Examtraining Civic IntegrationA220 February 2024Tuesday09:30 – 12:30hr36
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