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Goverment Examination NT2-IIB1–B224 August 2021Tuesday, Thursday and Friday13.30 – 16.30hr1540

LevelStart dateCourse daysTimeGroupcode
Civic IntegrationA0–A123 September 2021Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr0245
Civic IntegrationA0–A107 September 2021Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday13.15 – 12.15hr2231
Civic IntegrationA0–A123 August 2021Monday, Wednesday and Thursday09.15 – 12.15hr0344
Civic IntegrationA1–A226 August 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09.15 – 12.15hr0938
Civic IntegrationA1–A227 August 2021Monday, Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr0539
Civic IntegrationKNM01 September 2021Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr1737
Civic IntegrationONA09 September 2021Monday and Thursday13.30 – 16.30hr4203
Goverment Examination NT2-IA2–B124 August 2021Tuesday, Thursday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr0645
Goverment Examination NT2-IA2–B101 September 2021Monday, Wednesday and Thursday09.15 – 12.15hr1832
Goverment Examination NT2-IA2–B126 August 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday13.30 – 16.30hr1437
Goverment Examination NT2-IIB1–B231 August 2021Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr1635
Civic Integration
A2Every weekflexible13.15 – 15.15hr
Goverment Examination NT2-I
B107 September 2021Tuesday  and Thursday9.30 – 12.30hr1038
Goverment Examination NT2-II
B212 July 2021Monday  and Wednesday9.30 – 12.30hr1239
CourseLevelStart dateCourse days
Civic IntegrationA0-A130 August 2021Monday,  Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.45hr3416
Civic IntegrationA1-A223 August 2021Monday,  Tuesday and Friday09.15 – 12.45hr3812
Civic IntegrationA1-A213 September 2021Monday,  Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr3315
Civic IntegrationA2-B125 August 2021Monday, Wednesday and Friday09.15 – 12.15hr3714
Civic IntegrationKNM30 August 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09.15 – 12.15hr3515
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