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CourseLevelStart daysCourse dateTimeGroupcode
Civic IntegrationA0 – A127 October 2021Monday, Wednesday and Friday13:15 – 16:15hr0739
Civic IntegrationA0 – A117 November 2021Monday, Wednesday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr0836
Civic IntegrationA0 – A101 December 2021Monday, Wednesday and Friday13:15 – 16:15hr2727
Civic IntegrationA0 – A111 January 2022Tuesday and Thursday18:30 – 21:30hr3028
Civic IntegrationA0 – A112 January 2022Monday, Wednesday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr2432
Civic IntegrationA0 – A125 January 2022Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr0646
Civic IntegrationA1 – A226 October 2021Tuesday and Thursday18:30 – 21:30hr3116
Civic IntegrationA1 – A211 November 2021Monday, Wednesday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr0345
Civic IntegrationA1 – A216 November 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:30 – 12:30hr2338
Civic IntegrationA1 – A218 November 2021Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr0246
Civic IntegrationKNM02 December 2021Monday and Thursday13:15 – 16:15hr1737
Civic IntegrationONA06 December 2021Monday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr4013
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B122 November 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr1635
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B101 December 2021Monday, Wednesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr2035
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B111 January 2022Tuesday and Thursday18:30 – 21:30hr3214
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B102 November 2021Tuesday, Thursday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr0647
Government Examination NT2-IIB1 – B225 January 2022Tuesday, Thursday and Friday13:30 – 16:30hr1241
Examtraining Civic IntegrationA226 October 2021Tuesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr2524
Examtraining Civic IntegrationA2every weekflexible13:15 – 15:15hr
Examtraining Government Examination NT2-IB128 October 2021Tuesday and Thursday13:30 – 16:30hr1038
CourseLevelStart daysCourse dateTimeGroupcode
Civic IntegrationA0 – A102 December 2021Monday, Tuesday and Thursday09:15 – 12:15hr3909
Civic IntegrationA1 – A226 November 2021Monday, Thursday and Friday09:30 – 12:30hr3611
Government Examination NT2-IA2 – B130 November 2021Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday09:15 – 12:15hr3813
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