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Learning Dutch as part of integration

Are you currently in the process of integrating into Dutch society (either compulsory or voluntarily)? Then you will be tested on one of three levels: A2, B1, or B2. In the centre of Amsterdam, Pace offers Dutch language courses on all three, meaning Pace offers:

If you’re interested in taking a course in preparation for the integration exams, do not hesitate to contact us for a free (level determination) interview and tailor-made course advice. Pace offers all integrating people a chance to successfully learn the Dutch language. Our language institute has two locations in Amsterdam. Both are easily accessible by public transport, making sure you have no trouble popping by for a free intake!


How long does learning Dutch take?

The number of required language lessons depends on your entry and target level. You can opt for preparing for the ‘Inburgeringsexamen’ or ‘Staatsexamen NT2’ (programme I or II). Pace offers Dutch modules of 60 and 90 hours. Based on the language level test, Pace advises you on the appropriate Dutch course. However, you yourself decide on the number of modules. Twice or three times a week, you will have classes of three hours each, either in the daytime or in the evening. We will consult you when setting up a schedule. Please find our timetables here.


Who registers for the examination?

All compulsory participants are required to take the examination. Pace prepares course participants for the Civic Integration Examination (Inburgeringsexamen) and the Governmental Examination, programme I and II (Staatsexamen NT2, programma I en II) in different level groups. Students apply for the examination themselves. Pace does, however, assist course participants with the application and offers, if needed, preparation support by way of exam training sessions. Are you interested in exam training sessions? Please find more information on those here. Feel free to contact Pace if you would like to apply.


How much does learning Dutch cost?

The course fee depends on the number of hours you need to reach your target level. Pace can personally help you find out by determining your entry level during an intake. Intakes are always free of charge. Please find a general overview of our fees here.


Loan applications for Dutch language courses

You can apply for a loan to pay for a Dutch language course and the exam via DUO. Pace offers advice on applying for loans at DUO. Pace can also assist you with completing the loan application form. Please find more information on loans and funding here.

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