Who pays the Dutch courses?

Compulsory participants have to pay all costs for a course and the examination. Many people can get a loan from DUO. Pace can support you with applying for a loan. Even if you like to follow a civic integration course while you are not a compulsory participant, you might receive a loan.

Attention: When you want to get a loan for a civic integration course from DUO, you are obliged to choose a school with the Blik op Werk quality mark. Pace has this quality mark.

You can apply for a loan from the Dutch government

You can apply for a loan for a civic integration course and the Civic Integration Examination or a Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) course at the governmental department DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs). DUO does not transfer the money to your bank account, but pays your bills. Detailed information and the application form are available (in Dutch) on the site of DUO.

Pace can give you (free) advice

How many lessons do I need? What is the fee for a course? How can I get a loan? How can I sign up for the exam? Pace is willing to answer these and other questions. Contact Pace for a (free) meeting, including a language level test, via telephone 020 42 88 602 or e-mail cursusinfo@pacetaleninstituut.nl.

You can start a Dutch course at short notice

When you decide to follow a course at Pace, you can usually start within two weeks. First, Pace invites you for a (free) level interview. After this, you will receive a course proposal, including the fee. You can have classes in the morning, afternoon, or evening.